David Krut Projects (DKP) is pleased to present Showing Truth to Power, Diane Victor’s third solo show with the DKP New York gallery. The selection of work on view, comprised of smoke drawings and lithographs, represent a parallel political dialogue between contemporary South Africa and the United States. The title of the exhibition, Showing Truth to Power, is a meditation on both countries’ grassroots attempts at shining light on abject misuses of political power that obstruct social justice.

Victor is established as a major figure in the South African and international art communities, and is renowned for her expert printmaking and draughtsmanship. Her drawings and prints are known not only for their technical skill and compulsive linear detail, but also for their sharp political and social commentary and satire. Her works, although often drawn from global historical and mythological references, speak of the social and political inequalities and complexities of South Africa. Violence, racial anxiety and sexual repression are common ideas represented in the works. Combining both thematic and technical skill, Victor impresses powerful ideas on the viewer, never shying away from controversial or taboo subject matter.

Victor's works are included in many collections, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA The Museum of Modern Art, New York Public Library, The Baltimore Museum of Art and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, among others.

All works on view were created during Victor’s latest residency through the David Krut New York gallery in March 2017. The lithographs titled, Showing Truth to Power and Little Dystopia were made during this residency in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut.