An exhibition of art and design to inaugurate the new gallery space, located in the heart of the district, which has become a symbol of Milan fashion and design. Different works, shared by an idea of rebirth and new life; a message and an invitation to always see what surrounds us with different eyes, without forgetting a pinch of irony.

This is undoubtedly the main element of the work of Clara Rigamonti, a young designer who, starting from vintage objects or retrieval materials, creates unique furniture and objects with a retro, but exclusive and inimitable flavor.

Even the lamps, created by Dori Milano, overlap vintage and contemporary items at the same time, not denying precious materials such as skins or fur and playing on the possible uses of the lamps themselves, become flower pots or small aquariums.

The photographic works by Gabriele Marsile reinvent and rebuild some roses, as if they were small sculptures, to model and assemble according to new canons.

Even Massimiliano Muner with the use of the Polaroid camera rereads and recreates some of the masterpieces of Pop Art, making them more contemporary and close to the spirit of our times.

Romantic and somewhat retro are the works of Federica Cipriani who uses paper sheets (from scribble to that of schoolbooks) and transforms them into butterflies, then placed in a harmonious and geometric manner on small wooden boards.