By day I am a food packaging designer. I spend much of my time designing within set parameters whether it be dealing with branding and marketing challenges or the technical constraints of printing and production.

The monotype screen prints that I created for ‘Night Shift’, my first solo show at Court Tree Gallery, were made over the last two years and are inspired by my experience as a designer. I restricted myself to only being able to use the exact same dot screen pattern in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to see if I could generate images and affects that bend the rules of the limited repetitive pattern in order to achieve the organic, raw quality of a painting.

Unlike packaging design where everything is made with a computer and must be perfect, all of these prints on wood panel are one of kind and are made manually, utilizing mistakes, irregularities in the ink, moire patterns, and number of other tricks I discovered through the process of repeated experimentation.