Hans & Fritz Contemporary is pleased to present the exhibition D’Ici à Ici, by the Catalan artist Tere Recarens. Her work is profiled as a process of documentation of her own life, a collection of minimal and accidental testimonies where it is practically impossible to appreciate the border between art and life. In Berlin, where she lives and works today, her work is motivated by the desire to find an action that definitively serves to connect with the place where she is. Art becomes a form of adaptation to the environment, a way to turn unfamiliar spaces into familiar ones.

The artist, has spent years traveling and developing her work around the world, approaching the notions of identity and belonging from experience. The name itself as something fickle that manifests itself by action and communication; the artistic work as one which arises from the coexistence with the people and their language, sharing context and situation.

Her work appears as a tracing of the broad and ambiguous spectrum that unites and separates the artistic from the non - artistic, bathed in a sensitivity that speaks of art as something shocking and funny in which the artist shares her experiences - her life - with the viewer, recover-ing the romantic art / life dualism. More than works, it is convenient to speak of an attitude that does not pretend to educate but to invite the viewer to participate. Because the play and the work in situ are constant in the work of an artist that combines investigation and spon-taneity.

Tere Recarens (Arbúcies, 1967) is a Spanish art-ist living and working in Berlin. She began to ex-hibit her works during the decade of the 1990s. She worked as a visiting professor at the Ecole supérieure de Annecy in France. She mainly uses video, photography and drawing. In 1998, she entered as a resident artist at MoMA-PS1 in New York and more recently she was part of the exhibition “PUNK- Traces in contemporary art” at Macba. There are works in the MACBA Collection of Barcelona among many other.