Galeria MaPa hosts the artist's solo show "Arias Cinzentas" Roberto Mícoli from October 5, 2017.

Curated by João Pedrosa, the exhibition brings together 25 works, including photographs and objects, with bicromatic touches [black & white]. Using his discoveries as learning, as an archaeologist and anthropologist, the pieces of the show carry a unique mystique and great influence of tribal art. It has aspects of textile and feather art, influences of the Andean peoples, as well as Peru, Nepal and India. Concretism, Zen Buddhism and crafts.

"It is a purposefully unusual, unforeseen exhibition, out of the curve in his career, but not for that reason, or perhaps exactly for that reason, more interesting, creative, less obvious, and with his trademark, a permanent intelligence and great formal seduction" , says the curator João Pedrosa, who has already selected Mícoli for the show "1981/87", in the Arco Gallery, by Bruno Musatti.

He was born in Campinas (São Paulo) in 1953. He lives and works in São Paulo (SP). Painter and draftsman, he has his first notions of drawing with his father Mario Micoli. Self-taught in painting, he is influenced by the works of Antonio Peticov (1946), Tomoshige Kusuno (1935), Mira Schendel (1919 - 1988) and Antonio Dias (1944).

He has already performed more than a dozen solo exhibitions since the 70's, among which stand out: AC Art Gallery [SP] (2010); Mario Pedrosa Gallery of the National Museum of Fine Arts [RJ] (2002); Unicamp Art Gallery (2001); Nara Roesler Gallery (1998); "An Arrow in the Target" in MAM-SP (1994); Espaço Capital Arte Contemporânea [Brasília] (1988); Montessanti Gallery [SP] (1987); São Paulo Gallery (1985) and SESC Campinas Gallery [SP] (1976-1975).

Participated in several collective exhibitions, among them the 18th Bienal of SP (1985), curated by Sheila Leirner; "The plot of taste" (1987) at the Pavilion of the Biennial (SP) and the iconic "How Are You, Generation 80?" (1984) at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, in Rio de Janeiro.

He exhibited in Germany (Dusseldorff), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Bolivia (La Paz and Cochabamba), the United States (Los Angeles), Ecuador (Quito), Chile (Santiago), Canada and Japan (Tokyo).

Other highlights are "Concrete Reason" (2016) and "Generation 80" (2013), both at Galeria Berenice Arvani; "Resist is necessary" (2013/14) in the CCBB-Brasilia / São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro; "ARTE E DESIGN" (2012) at the Etel Gallery; "Art-Anthropology: Representations and Strategies" (2007) at MAC USP; "2003 - 2080" (2007), "2080", "5 artists" (1990), all in MAM-SP; "Between Object" (1995) at MAM-RJ and at the Nara Roesler Gallery; "America, America" (1999) and "Indigenous Traps" (1991), both in MASP; "Dimensions of Contemporary Brazilian Art" (1997) in MAC; "Arte Aliança XXI" (1997) at SESC Pompéia; Greenpeace (1992) and "2nd Collage Exhibition 60 Artists 60 Trends?" (1982), both in the Paço das Artes (SP); "Painting Outside the Frame" (1987) at Espaço Capital Contemporary Art Gallery [Brasilia]; "Brasilidade e Independência" (1985) at the Casa Brasileira Museum (SP) and at the National Theater of Brasília and "Heloisa Alvim e Roberto Miccoli" (1980) at Galeria Funarte [RJ].