Manuel Barbero presents his latest works in which, resorting to his characteristic use of symbolism, eclecticism and literary tones, he recreates an intimate and personal territory.

“The road” (El Camino), is a journey through the corners of our own story: the real, the possible, the improbable or nonexistent. A story without details, without descriptions, open to being able to be carried out by anyone or to have no protagonist at all.

“The road” (El Camino), is an open path through the forest of events in which the walker is becoming more aware, within the wisdom that the dust of the path itself gives off, that s/he is going to stay on that path; that this path is a beginning and an end in itself.

The symbolic acquires the form of the everyday, the accidental, the fleeting, the learned, the constructed, the abandoned... cementing a ladder on which one rises to the different levels of knowledge that one acquires when walking.

The eclectic takes over dreams, landscapes and objects and makes them dance to the rhythm of different materials and styles in the great festival of the unpredictable.