Perfection is the title artist Ana Prada has chosen for her new exhibition within the gallery space; an emphatic declaration of her intentions, defining her artistic practice.

In the words of the artist “seeking perfection is like chasing moon rays or hunting down shadows: useless, but it does not prevent dreamers from trying”.

Ana Prada’s desire consists in achieving the perfect vase, the perfect spoon, and the perfect candle. Through these types of dreams she is confronted with what can be called the problem of Plato’s chair: all the chairs are determined by the idea of the chair, all breads by the idea of bread.

For the artist, the most important aspect of her relationship with perfection is how she confronts the lack of perfection, encouraging infinite repetition and modification. Thus, the pieces she presents are based in the constant and endless search for the perfect object, or at least the fleeting moment of perfection.