Without a doubt, Fernando Botero is one of the best known living artists today, and thanks to the famous style he has been developing since the late 1960s, his works are highly recognizable.

The voluminous exaggeration of the human figure, but also of animals and objects, in his paintings, drawings, and sometimes monumental sculptures, not only have a high recognition value, but are also the result of Botero's intensive study of Western art history, the canon of art and the cultural legacy of his South American native country.

Fernando Botero has frequently exhibited at Galerie Thomas; the gallery has been attending his work for decades. A highlight of this cooperation was the presentation of several of the artist's monumental sculptures on the Museum Island in Berlin in 2007. Galerie Thomas last presented an exhibition with works by Fernando Botero and Pablo Picasso at Art Basel in Hong Kong.

On the occasion of his 85th birthday, which Fernando Botero celebrated in 2017, Galerie Thomas Modern is staging an exhibition with works by the Colombian master at "OPEN art". Paintings, works on paper, and sculptures from three decades will be on view, giving an impressive overview of Botero's inimitable artistic oeuvre.