Self taught, Haroshi has paved the way for combining fine art and subculture with his beautiful hand carved sculptures made from skateboards.

A passionate skater throughout his life, he has become prominent both in the art and skate scenes, notably creating the winning trophies for the ‘Battle of the Berrics’ skate competition each year and exhibiting his works around the world having developed an international cult following.

The intricate carvings, combined with the layered, coloured ply of the skateboards, create beautiful texture and pattern.

In this new body of work, we see Haroshi combining his iconic work with kaiju monsters, to create unique figurines. The toys, a mixture of Japanese cartoon monsters, take the viewer back to 80s / 90s childhood. Haroshi’s additions modernise them; much like with his use of skateboards as an artistic material, he has taken something recognisable and spun it into something exciting and new.

We look forward to seeing what Haroshi’s new show as to offer, and it promises to be stunning as ever.