After studying at Sutton Coldfield School of Art, Exeter College of Art and Leicester Polytechnic,David spent two years in the USA working as a muralist. Although firmly rooted in the best figurative painting traditions he began to produce images which emanated between his conscious and subconscious. Stanley Spencer is one obvious influence along with Otto Dix, de Chirico and Atkinson Grimshaw.

To speed up the process of transferring his ideas onto canvas,David first uses acrylic to work out and change his composition,allowing instant alterations to be made. Once content with the layout, he overpaints in oil using brushes, a palette knife, giving a soft finish to his painted strokes. His theatrical and mannered paintings transform into delightful and amusing conversation pieces, full of illusory references and minute details.

One of David’s greatest assets is his sense of humour; this, together with his unique imagination, infuses his painting with a dreamlike quality. Music is the other magical ingredient in his life. Having been with the ‘JunkYard Angels’ for many years, he now plays guitar,drums and sings in various bands. David has exhibited throughout the UK since 1989 and has been a member of the Royal Society of British Artists since 2003.