One of Sekine’s earlier works “Phase?Mother Earth,” has become a monumental work to mark the beginning of “Mono-ha” movement. Since then, Sekine, now living in Los Angeles has been actively producing paintings and sculptures. Underlying theme in Sekine’s works is a concept of “topological space.”

Through a series of paintings from 1978, titled, “Phase Conception,” the artist presented the idea of “painting” as “depthless membrane or surface film.” He considered all the paintings as one continuous spatial existence. Each painting becomes a mere “phase,” a cross-section of the whole. At this exhibition, Sekine presents his recent series of paintings "Phase of nothingness-skin.”

According to Sekine, “’Phase of nothingness’ indicates the state of the phase being open. That is, the phase is open widely and infinitely, free and unbound.” In "Phase of nothingness-skin," the artist uses canvas which escapes the control of the artist, to bring the action of the artist and the material closer. In "Phase of nothingness-skin," therefore, each painting becomes a phase more flexible and elastic. This series not only lead the spatial recognition of the audience through vision to somatic sensation, to spiritual field, but to the field that is even more open and free.