LMAKbooks+design is excited to present an olfactory installation premiering Ici & Là, the fourth fragrance of the Attache-Moi collection, which is conceptualized by Olivia Bransbourg. For Ici & Là, Bransbourg collaborated with renowned perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and artist Marie-Luce Nadal.

In 2006, Bransbourg and perfumer Christine Nagel created a formula around an editorial project; unfortunately, it was lost. Luckily, a remainder of a bottle helped perfumer Shyamala to reinvent it. It is a perfume that represents fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings: here and there (Ici & Là). Inspired by the idea of scent and its flow, artist Marie-Luce Nadal created a series of “Clouds in Flasks”. The artist captures on her journeys particles of clouds and electric residue of thunderstorms, which she then reduces to extracts in order to reproduce them infinitely. In the gallery there will be an intimate installation of olfactory pillars, photographs, video, and a mural. The viewer will be invited to accompany this unique experience linking the tangible and intangible.

Olivia Bransbourg is the creator of Attache-Moi, an exclusive line of scents made in France, which envisions perfume as a point of departure to a longer artistic journey. Attache-Moi creates encounters, generates collaborations, and “ties” senses together to evoke scent through sound, sight, and touch. Bransbourg’s career began in Fine Art as a curatorial and press assistant in museums and galleries between France and Germany. She also worked as the Project Manager for conceptual artist Jochen Gerz and oversaw the installation of several artworks in public spaces. Bransbourg is the founder of Iconofly, a publication and website devoted to tales of art, luxury, and fashion accessories. Since its creation in Paris in 2006 Iconofly has gathered significant attention from luxury brands, leading artists, chefs, writers, and designers worldwide with over 70 carte blanches given. Earlier this year she created an olfactory time capsule experience on Times Square with the Design Pavilion. Most recently she co-founded another brand, sous le manteau, which revisits love potions found in earlier centuries officinal books.

Marie-Luce Nadal is an architect and visual artist, who interprets and builds artificial landscapes. Based on observations of environments and natural phenomena her installations, sculptures, and performances aim to create new relationships with our environment and realize the existence of the invisible. Since 2012, Marie-Luce Nadal has been a SACRe PhD Candidate (Science, Arts, Creation, Research) at the EnsADLaB (Arts Décoratifs Lab), PSL Research University (Paris Sciences et Lettres). Her work has been shown in several institutions in Paris (Gaité Lyrique, Palais de Tokyo) and worldwide (Institut of Contemporary Art Singapore – Lasalle). Most recently her work was included in the 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, for which she was featured in Art in America.

What do astronomy and perfumery have in common? Plenty, if you ask Shyamala Maisondieu, an aspiring astronomer-turned-perfumer. Like astronomy, perfumery blends creativity with scientific logic. Both require rigorous training and experience. “But there are still fewer perfumers in the world than astronomers!” she adds. Shyamala earned a degree in the field of engineering, but in the end, it was the artistic aspect of fragrance that captured her heart and led her to the laboratory Givaudan. Her approach is poetic and inventive, dramatic and romantic. Her compositions blend comfort with the exotic sensuality of notes like frangipani and jasmine, flowers from her Malaysian childhood. “I like the unexpected combination of polar opposite things.” A few creations by Shyamala: L’Occitane Terre de Lumière, Maison Lancome Tubereuse Castane, Lanvin Me L’Eau, Diesel Only the Brave Wild, Armani Prive Myrrhe Imperiale, Lanvin Avant-Garde, Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterranean, Comme Des Garcons Dover Street Market, Etat Libre D’Orange Charogne.