The de la Cruz Collection presents their 2018 exhibition, Force and Form.

Force and Form brings together a group of artists whose practices recognize a shift in visual culture, addressing issues of identity, gender, class, power, and the values that contribute to our social fabric. In the late 20th-century, artists began to embrace new modes of production as their awareness of globalization, the acceleration in communication, and the consolidation of geography due to the advancements in technology gave way to a new vocabulary of mediums. This progress also played a vital role in architecture, as it has always been a cultural symbol reflecting our perception of artistic normality. Artists today candidly combine media and form to best suit their language and purpose. Through process and the use of everyday materials, artists reveal their intent in planning, designing, and building our contemporary visual framework. Visitors of the exhibition become participants who activate the work beyond our preconceived notions of materiality and thought.

Force and Form emerges from an array of materials and techniques, experimentation with imaging, the energy of painting that continues to be practiced with great force, and the dynamism of sculpture. Within the works of the collection, we continuously explore and question the relationship between object and space. Not bound by a specific chronology, these artists are persistent in their experimentations, connecting us with a possibility for new ideas.

Our exhibitions are a collective effort that includes the voice of the artist. This allows us the possibility of moments that extend beyond our current understanding of art practices, and allows for the inclusion of the artist’s vision.