Spoke Art is proud to present the eighth annual Bad Dads exhibition - a dynamic showcase of over ninety artists from around the world celebrating the cinematic career of American director, Wes Anderson. Held at Talon Gallery in Portland, OR - Spoke is excited to bring this beloved show to the Pacific Northwest for the first time.

Started as a pop-up exhibition curated by gallery owner Ken Harman, Bad Dads has now blossomed through the years into a highly anticipated, memorable, and costumed art event. Gaining international recognition, the exhibition has evolved along with Anderson’s eight feature films (as well as numerous shorts and commercial features) giving each artist a well of inspiration to draw from.

Comprised of original painting and sculpture as well as a multitude of limited edition prints, Bad Dads VIII is a wide-ranging display of different styles and talents. Each artist was free to choose their own film for subject matter, resulting in a spectacular range of character portraits, highly detailed environments and iconic themes and motifs, prominent in each of Anderson’s films. Please join us for Bad Dads VIII, opening Friday, October 27th, with an opening night reception from 6pm-10pm. Guests attending in costume will receive a special gift and some artists will be in attendance. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, October 29th, 2017.

Participating Artists: Eric Althin, Nicole Anguish, Zard Apuya, Ana Aranda, Derek Ballard, Brighton Ballard, Jonathan Bergeron, Ryan Berkley, Isaac Bidwell, Eric Bonhomme, Joshua Buddich, Ivonna Buenrostro, Sandi Callistro, Julian Callos, Keith Carter, Mar Cerda, James Charles, Matt Chase, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Codeczombie, Concepcion Studios, Benjamin Constantine, Camilla d'Errico, Max Dalton, Mai Ly Degnan, Tim Doyle, Matt Dye, Pippa Dyrlaga, Tom Eglington, Eron, Evanimal, Valentin Fischer, Jayde Fish, Fnnch, Blaine Fontana, Alex Garant, Sam Gilbey, Ian Glaubinger, Greg Gossel, Rebecca Green, Bill Green, Lauren Gregg, Dan Grissom, Nicole Gustafsson, Maryanna Hoggatt, Kevan Hom, Christine Hostetler, Primary Hughes, Charlie Immer, Ryan Inzana, Tim Jordan, Andrew Kolb, Conor Langton, Nan Lawson, Brin Levinson, Daliah Lina Ammar, Matt Linares, Adam Lister, Kemi Mai, Marni Manning, Harry Michalakeas, Guillaume Morellec, Reuben Negron, Jeany Ngo, Chelsea O'Byrne, Lily Padula, Anna Pan, Rich Pellegrino, Kat Philbin, Patrycja Podkościelny, Corinne Reid, Allison Reimold, Fernando Reza, Matt Ritchie, Miles Ritchie, Yohan Sacre, Leo Santamaria, Bennett Slater, Nick Stokes, Meghan Stratman, Lindsay Stripling, Dean Stuart, Maria Suarez Inclan, Halsey Swain, George Townley, Geoff Trapp, Liz Vowles, Chris Walker, Casey Weldon, Jan Willem.