Peaks + beasts is connected to Hauser's exhibition seekers / beasts in Los Angeles. The shows are connected through the beasts. The exhibition weaves together Hauser's kingdom of beasts - her amphibians, smilers, mountains with eyes, tigers, bees, monkeys and lions, birds, cats, heads - with the mythological landscapes and colorscapes that her beasts might like to dwell in. Inspired by the 19th century Peaceable Kingdom series of paintings by the Quaker painter Edward Hicks, the cast of characters in her work symbolize ideas of transformation, metamorphosis, mythology, and visual polyphony. The works on view at AWHRHWA and Romer Young Gallery are "an exercise in visual openness - symbolic and humorous, they present an exuberant alternative to the stark chaos of now."

Hauser's paintings live in the borderland between painting and drawing, analog and digital, abstraction and representation, real and mythical. The artist has an unmistakable brushstroke and and intuitive practice that employs repetition, layering to conjure a simultaneity of points of view, perspectives, and visions.

EJ Hauser lives and works in New York City and has exhibited at venues such as Regina Rex, Sperone Westwater, White Columns, Participant Inc, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Cheim & Read, New York, The Breeder, Athens, The Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC and The University of Tennessee Ewing Gallery, Knoxville, TN. EJ Hauser is represented by Regina Rex, New York City.