A.I. is pleased to announce a duo exhibition comprising a selection of works: recent paintings & drawings by IDN (b. 1953, U.K.) & a series of new needle drawings by Fiona Struengmann (b. 1985, Germany).

A moment, a second, a break, a day, a short-term eternity. The feeling of time passing through us is subjective. What if the self moving through existence is indicated only through subtle unmeasurable displacements, made visible by abstract expressions?

Light, shadow, trace and pigment punctuate the space and draw us into the imagined landscapes the artists have documented. This show is a story about perceiving reality and overcoming the white noise of everyday life. It's a collection of records and translated accounts of lived experience.

The material emphasis on illusive or invisible cartographies of the real (or what is perceived as real) emerges via an aesthetic akin to documentary practices. Time, although not directly pursued as a subject, permeates these works. A sense of connectivity arises as we witness an illustration of 'process as praxis.' Built on ideas of unmitigated contemporary coexistence, the exhibition brings together new work from two artists who may or may not share common ground.