Maen Florin (° 1954, lives and works in Merelbeke) is a Belgian sculptor who made a rapid career in the 1980s with exhibitions in, then much spoken of, Antwerp ICC. Then, for a while, it was a bit silent around her, but after a couple of years Florin managed to find a new zeal and came into the public eye with huge polyester heads and alienated figures: withdrawn, self-centered creatures (usually created from a mixture of materials) that seem to descend from dreams or nightmares.

In 2016 Maen Florin made an impression during Art’s Festival in Watou with her installations of ceramic heads and figures overloaded with emotions of pain, sadness, dignity, strength or resentment. The work of Maen Florin is included in numerous private and public collections and can be viewed in many public spaces.

In Light Cube Maen Florin shows new ceramic heads of more or less realistic size, and, for the first time, in a larger format, alongside with figures and busts. Also a new kind of work of the artist will be shown: several photos of her ceramic heads. The usage of the matte print on the enamel plate gives them more of an object feel.