The Woolff Gallery Monochrome exhibition celebrates the work of 4 artists working in different disciplines, but who are connected in that their work is created without the use of colour. From drawing to sculpture these works offers a rich contrast, and displayed together they create a narrative resonating with themes of energy, life, the human being, our thoughts, and our surroundings.

We are delighted to invite Carali McCall to the Woolff Gallery, where on 1st November 2017 she will create an astonishing on-site performance work encompassing energy and focus, and we welcome back Daisy Boman with her fabulous wall mounted sculptural work depicting the human form.

Annemarie Wright’s captivating handwritten portraits will challenge perceptions and draw the viewer in to look closely, and Tommy Penton’s incredibly detailed cityscapes are a celebration of life in the city, and the energy and complexity found in our surroundings.