The work of the Persian artist Roshanak Khalilian is made of colors: brushstrokes and shades of color; red, blue, yellow and gold close to each other as words on a white page. They are stories of matter and light; they tell stories of love, passion, fear, and losing. A kaleidoscope of emotions that are nothing but the sum of the lives of each of us, who searches and finds on the canvas a piece of self.

Reflecting and merging Eastern and Western tradition Khalilian is an artist who wants to become a spokesman for human feelings, often giving a vision of hope; as in the "All That Gold" series in which gold, an element that has always been used in art since antiquity, is chosen not only for its meaning of wealth and power but also for its impermanent perennial point fixed, almost to reassure each of us of the existence of something certain, positive.

In Roshanak's abstract paintings we can see Rothko's sacredness and Matisse's "Joie de vivre"; the Persian tradition and the use of absolutely contemporary material; all accompanied by great attention to composition and a sense of beauty, which is already of value to itself.