The exhibition "From Goya to Today: A Look at the Banco de España Collection", has been organized at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) in Rabat. This artistic event, organized by the National Museums Foundation, the Central Bank of Spain and the MMVI, in partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, is one of the rare occasions where works belonging to the collection of Banco de España, rich in some 4,000 jewels of Spanish art, are on display abroad.

Among these rare occasions is an exhibition held in 1991 at the headquarters of the US Federal Reserve in Washington, followed by a similar exhibition at the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The exhibition presented at the MMVI gathers more than 70 original works including paintings and sculptures of major artists like Goya, Sorolla, Zuloaga, Saura, Tapiès, Chillida or Barceló.

Organized according to a chronological criterion, "From Goya to Today" recalls in its first part the origins of the collection, through an extraordinary selection of portraits immortalize both the monarchs who have supported the development of the Spanish Central Bank since its creation, as well as the governors and illustrious persons who promoted it. The exhibition "From Goya to the Present" aims to place culture at the heart of Moroccan-Spanish relations. The exhibition is organized under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI and HM King Felipe VI of Spain.

From Goya to Today collections exhibits rare collections

The exhibition revolves around several chapters that cross part of history of contemporary Spanish art, from the 1950s to today, the last chapter showing a selection of the international plastic creation of the last decades.

The first two chapters of the exhibition "From Goya to Today" include images of Spanish monarchs and well-known personalities dating back to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, in addition to a special painting by Goya who "marked his imprints with history of art and is one of the initiators of modernity. Paintings by Vazquez Diaz, Sorolla and Zuloaga, who are also pioneers of 20th century plastic art, also have their place in this exhibition.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art offers the visitor an opportunity to travel between rich and well-chosen historical periods, thereby announcing the opening of a number of museums in the Kingdom since it is one of the African and Arab countries which have specialized museums such as the Safi porcelain museum, the Marrakech weaving museum, the crystal museum in Fes and the history museum in Tangier, with the aim of enhancing the national heritage.

The exhibition includes the drawings of the most prominent portrait artists and other creators who have immortalized the images of Kings who helped to support the Bank of Spain since its creation, as well as governments and people who are committed to its influence and development. The exhibition's art collections also retrace certain historical stages that Spanish art, in general and contemporary art in particular, has gone through from 1950 to today, while the last chapter highlights a selection of internationally known paintings that go back to the last decades.

Goya exhibition to deepen Morocco Spain relations

The strengthening of bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain now extends to the artistic field. The exhibition "From Goya to Today" is part of relations reinforcement between Morocco and Spain; after several years of collaboration in matters of immigration, the fight against terrorism and in the economic sector. The governor of the Bank of Spain, Luis Maria Linde de Castro, affirmed that the exhibition "From Goya to today" illustrates the quality of relations existing between Spain and Morocco, noting that culture is" a key element to raise the level of distinguished bilateral relations" between Rabat and Madrid. Mr de Castro stressed that this exhibition reflects the process of formation of the exhibited artistic group and its most important stages, hoping that this initiative will be "fruitful" for the future of Moroccan-Spanish relations.

Ambassador of Spain in Morocco, Mr. Díez-Hochleitner pointed out that culture is part of the "exceptional relationship" that unites Morocco and Spain in different fields under the leadership of the two Sovereigns. The Spanish diplomat noted that the Moroccan-Spanish history is marked by the values of living together, noting that the cultural roots shared by both countries are clearly manifested in language, music and culinary art. He further emphasized that his country will continue to cooperate with Morocco on all fronts. He also said that the Central Bank of Spain has presented to the MMVI as a loan a collection of more than seventy works and fifty major artists, including Goya, who are exhibited for the first time outside the Iberian Peninsula.

The president of the National Foundation of Museums, Mehdi Qotbi, said that the Banco de España collection represents one of the most important modern and contemporary arts in Spain and it includes paintings and sculptures of renowned artists such as Goya, Sorolla, Zuloaga, Saura, Tapiès, Chillida and Barceló.