Galeria Nara Roesler in Rio de Janeiro will be fully occupied by Laura Vinci’s installation Morro Mundo, with a smooth white smoke that will invite the visitor to experience spatial disorientation and body reorientation.

Her machine programmed to release smoke as its presence sensors are activated reveals itself to the spectator by its glass pipes that cross the whole exhibition area. In this installation, the vapor is announced before it is released in the air. This way, the pipes not only announce the experience, but are also windows through which the eye can catch the smoke in a controlled situation. After it is released, the smoke dominates the space, turning the pipeline almost invisible to those who observe the scene at the same time they are engulfed by the fog

The installation is composed also by shinning golden objects that hang on the struts distributed throughout the space, activating the notions of height from the ceiling and distance from the walls. “These tiny objects present themselves as hourglasses, compasses, maps and other measuring tools that could help us to continue the voyage”, suggests Laura. The pieces carry small samples of granada, rocks that, by symbolizing impulse and determination, evoke a desire of transformation.