Nature has long been the inspiration for artists, from cave painting to land art, our natural surroundings and the forms, patterns and materials have shaped the way we enter and leave the earth.

Natures Alchemy explores these patterns, from a seemingly accidental splash of water or cracks in mud, to veins and finger prints which create symmetrical beauty found in our own bodies. It is the pure power of nature than has the ability to produce these precisely scientific and mathematical formations, that we as humans often overlook.

Many of the artists in the exhibition take the power of nature one step further by using the materials it produces. From blood, ash, wax and mud the artists all imitate the phenomena of naturally occurring forms, patterns and reactions throughout their life cycle, allowing chance and error to play as their works develop and age.

In Nature's Alchemy the detritus of the natural world is transformed into something spectacular, as the artists celebrate the incidental beauty of decay and rebirth in nature.

Artists: Ambrosine Allen | Tessa Farmer | Paul Fry | Susan Gunn | Bea Haines | Patrick Haines | Philippa Lawrence | Richard Long | David Mach | Suzanne Moxhay | Peter Randall-Page | Cornelia Parker | Ione Rucquoi.