The Connor Brothers emerged onto the art scene as mysterious American twins, Franklyn and Brendan Connor, who were brought up within an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family’, and who had escaped to Brooklyn where they began creating artwork in order to make sense of the world they had been deprived of.

In October 2014 these characters were revealed to be a myth; The Connor Brothers were actually art dealers turned artists Mike Snelle and James Golding.

The Connor Brothers’ work is satirical and humorous in nature and explores the blurring of boundaries between truth and fiction. They have been auctioned alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst at Christie's and Bonham's. Their work has been sold at numerous art fairs in London, and there have been sell-out shows at galleries in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. In 2015 they curated Pussy Riot’s performance at Banksy’s Dismaland exhibition.

In December 2017 they will debut previously unseen oil paintings at Art Miami with Maddox Gallery.