Maman Fine Art I Miami presents ““Cuartetazo Miami”.

On Saturday, Dec 2 at 7 pm, the gallery opens “Cuartetazo Miami” an exhibition of four contemporary Argentine artists: Cynthia Cohen, Nushi Muntaabski, Alberto Passolini & Julián Prebisch.

For the first time in the city a group of Argentine artists, each one with a particular aesthetic but linked by the generation to which they belong, exhibit four expressions of the Argentinean and Contemporary Art of the future.

Cynthia Cohen draws attention to the fascination that jewels exert. In her paintings, done with hyperrealistic precision, the most subtle details take on a gigantic dimension allowing the preciousness of stones and gems to be captured in all their splendor.

Leather, metals, and geometry are the main elements of Julián Prebisch's recent work. By using cowhides as canvases he creates one of a kind paintings. The tensions between the amorphous contours of the leather and the rectangular forms of the frame create a singular impact on the viewer.

Nushi Muntaabski is widely known for her work in Venetian mosaic. For more than two decades she has been perfecting the craft, now her authorial mark. From flat works to three-dimensional objects and urban interventions, she´s done it all. Focusing mainly on ordinary objects, the multicolored glass squares, infuse her pieces with an unusual beauty and a strange sensuality.

Alberto Passolini's paintings are full of references to the most varied local and international pictorial traditions. With a daring attitude and a good deal of humor, he fuses together Emilio Petorutti with Greco-Roman sculptures and Benito Quinquela Martín with Tiepolo. Without concessions to correction or decorum, his works provoke but at the same time invite to play.