Viewed casually, Poul Lange’s "life" might look like a two-person show: the photographer and the collagist. But if you take a closer look, it becomes obvious that the two bodies of work are tightly interlocked.

In the photographs there is always a search for connections, and often you’ll find elements overlapping, becoming one. The multiple exposure panoramics are literally photographic collages: assemblages created in the camera, directly onto the negative. The collages, on the other hand, are compositions looking for a balance or a tension that would make a perfect photograph. With the freedom of creating everything from scratch and adding color, they become another animal, but the bones are the same. The third leg of Lange’s career, book jacket design, is not directly visible in this show, but his love of literature shines through.

You will see collages and photographs that have been used on book covers, and often old books have been torn apart and put back together for the collages, but perhaps what speaks most directly to his passion for the literary is the presence of the word. Words acquire new meanings in the photographs, quotes are taken out of context only to be born again in the collages, and word play becomes the voice of the pieces.

What you won’t find in this show is the fingerprint of the computer. The collages are held together by glue, and the photographs are all captured on film and mostly uncropped. If this all seems a bit confusing, well, that’s just life. Enjoy.