The wall drawings made by David Tremlett for this exhibition which is curated by Rachele Ferrario in Venice, are inspired by travels to Vietnam. The exhibition spaces, previously the studio of American artist Lawrence Carroll, now belong to the Michela Rizzo Gallery and will be inaugurated with Different Walls by David Tremlett and the project All Vertical Lines by David Rickard, curated by Elena Forin.

The space is suggestive: the high walls, the loft with a window pane through which a subdued light is filtered and the locked rooms that alternate as if in a labyrinth, inspired the two wall drawings made by David Tremlett for this exhibition. The first "drawing on the wall" develops vertically, "lives" and interacts with the space and with the works of Rickard. Tremlett gives rhythm to the wall with different shapes and materials – pigments, but also the grease that mechanics use – upon which the light reflects and vibrates. The dimensions and volumes are expanded in a vision of geometric and chromatic harmonies that become one with the existing architecture.

Upstairs David Tremlett has worked in an environment with no windows. He has transformed it into a sequence of volumes and colors – in the chromatic scale of grays, ochres, oranges – and has woven in an intense synchrony the wall, the corners, the architectural structure, shaped with great lightness. Whilst Tremlett’s use of colors and shapes are in keeping with his previous style, they are renewed and exist in a dimension of great freedom, marking an important moment of his expression.

The exhibition is curated by Michela Rizzo Gallery in collaboration with Treviso Ricerca Arte.

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