Oliver Cole Gallery presents “Mood Swings”: a group show featuring pivotal local and international artists, curated by Marcel Katz, during the world renowned Miami Art Week. Oliver Cole Gallery, a 5,000 square foot space, will host the carefully curated exhibition featuring the contemporary street and pop artists.

Featured artists include: DetroitWick, WhisBe, AholeSniffsGlue, David Drebin, Black Crow Studios, Christopher Schulz, Mister E, Flore, John Paul Fauves, Michael Kalish, Michael Malone, Robin Velghe, Shawn Kolodny, Todd Pierce, Zevi G, Arinze Stanley, CB Hoyo, Dan Alva, Ben Evans, Ayo Filade, and others. The exhibition will showcase an activation room called Raise the Caliber featuring the works of DetroitWick and Black Crow Studios. TAX Collection and Arsenic will be the event media partners.

Raise the Caliber, an activation room in the gallery, will present the encapsulation work of DetroitWick and art by Black Crow Studios. Doug Schwartz, the creator behind Detroit Wick, uses gun parts called “shreds” and turns them into lucite sculptures that evoke cultural commentary on the very questionable notion of gun control. Guns from all across America, turned into buy-back and amnesty programs, along with shell casings from Detroit crime scenes, are turned into dynamic sculptures whose proceeds will benefit The Caliber Foundation. Raise the Caliber, a 501 c3 charity, is dedicated to supporting the victims, families, and communities affected by gun violence in America.

With a commitment to fine art, Oliver Cole Gallery will exhibit paintings and sculpture with subject matter that exhibits precise technical execution. The gallery provides the contemporary collector with a unique, cultural buying experience. Oliver Cole is the largest gallery in Wynwood and home to some of the leading contemporary artists today.

Marcel Katz, a Miami native, is an independent and entrepreneurial art dealer whose creativity was fostered as the creative director of the Opium group, one of Miami’s prominent hospitality groups. Here, he incorporated art into the his nightlife venues and fostered relationships with both artists and clients.

Through the evolution of a decade long career, Marcel’s artistic eye and creative disposition evolved into an independent and thriving business. Nicknamed “The Art Plug”, his creative marketing efforts and eye for predicting the success of artists and trends has attracted a younger generation of art collectors and admirers as well as celebrities. Katz has collaborated with other creatives in the entertainment industry, including Lil’ Wayne, Meyhem Lauren, DRAM, Miley Cyrus, Jermaine Dupree. Most recently, Katz facilitated a collaboration between Aholsniffsglue and Adidas on a targeted marketing campaign in Miami with street art culture.