Following her very successful London exhibition by photographer Nicoline Aagesen in May 2017, London-based curator Tiziana des Pallieres is bringing a carefully selected collection of Artizians photographers to Hong Kong. Titled ‘Millennial Vintage’, the new group show comes from des Pallieres’ awareness that her generation's photographers have returned to an old school aesthetic, with a noticeable rebirth of analog photography. The featured artists, merging contemporary with vintage, work with mixed mediums of film and digital photography.

Since founding Artizians in 2016, with a mission to merge her curating talent with her creative direction, in the form of an online arts platform and physical exhibitions around the globe, Tiziana des Pallieres is now setting her sights on the Hong Kong art scene with the new group show ‘Millennial Vintage’.

A group show featuring 6 photographers and filmmakers, the exhibition has a distinctly international feel with image-makers of the Instagram generation hailing from Europe, Asia and the USA; Danish photographer Casper Lundemann; American artist and writer Victoria Lemus, Hong-Kong based Danish photographer and model Nicoline Aagesen; self taught photographer Sergio del Amo, who grew up between Madrid and London; Hong-Kong based Filipino Photographer Mherck Dela Cruz; and Italian fashion photographer Errico Fabio Russo.

Des Pallieres’ extraordinary aptitude for observing and nurturing talented millennials was honed from her skill as a photographer and expertise in the traditional art world, which she thereby translated into Artizians. Des Pallieres comments: “The idea for Millennial Vintage came to me when somebody commented “Millennial vintage" on a photo I shot on a disposable Ilford camera. This comment made me reflects on how much effort this generation makes, to look like they are from another decade.”

Artist and gallerist Simon Birch’s Hong Kong space is the venue for the ‘Millennial Vintage’ exhibition. Birch recently rocketed to fame in the art world with his 14th Factory in Los Angeles, which rapidly gained notoriety in contemporary art world mythology as the biggest exhibition in history. Artizians thrives off a family vibe, consequently des Pallieres works closely with her partner Nicoline Aagesen on sourcing new talent to collaborate with. Des Pallieres maintains that a family atmosphere is important for the dynamics and direction of Artizians, which looks back nostalgically to the traditional spirit of the collective.

Uniquely talented young curator and innovator Tiziana des Pallieres is on course to shake up the contemporary art scene with more exhibitions of the Millenial Artizians collective that are in the pipeline for London, Paris and Beijing.