Personality emerged from the environment of graffiti and street art in Barcelona, SKUM presents in Galeria Contrast the individual exhibition "Vicio, estropicio y desperdicio”.

It is a sample composed by his most outstanding work, which are mostly pieces of intervention over printed of characters chosen carefully from the Internet. The artist appropriates these photographs and gives himself permission to modify them until generate a new composition also intervened with paint. As a result, we are in front of pieces halfway between figurative and abstract art, between collage and painting, which are the result of a great intuition for colour and shape.

SKUM is itself a difficult personality to decipher. Times that his face appears on television or Internet he does it behind a mask. He does not seek to be recognized as a "star" and most of the time he escapes from situations in which the public can identify him. However, that did not prevent his work from standing out as a pillar in which it was a new generation of graffiti artists of Barcelona origin.

All these components create a representative sample of the complex vision of an artist who, from the underground field of Barcelona, awakens the senses of its spectators.