Ody Saban's art is already represented in 20 museums all around the world.

« Ody Saban makes us disover her intense and untimely dreams of civilizations setting in a flooded forest… flooded with kisses, games, love, frogs, butterflies and also threats and solutions to counter those threats… Visions of a peaceful world at last but still fragile. After “Night flowers”, the 2012 exhibition at the Claire Corcia Gallery in Paris where an inhabited forest developed already in her works, Ody Saban shows us now moments of a long, unfinished and maybe unattainable dream of civilizations.

The animals, plants and human beings easily cross and exchange their functions and languages. Light and night intensely cease the viewer, as well as exuberance and tropical heat perspiring from her highly erotic imagination, freed from constraints Indeed, the forest is flooded with water, essential for an exuberant and rich life – one can meet boats – and full of desires. Let’s describe in broad outline a few random fragments of their dreamlike representations.

The value of Ody Saban’s paintings lies in the authentic awaken dreams she depicts and the intellectual and carnal passion that inhabit her. A series of white and black drawings on extremely thin paper where black dominates testifies for Ody Saban’s ability to renew her art in different media. Ody Saban’s most recent works depict new civilizations developping in delicate, intellectual and demanding landscapes. In Ody Saban’s work, the search for meaning in abundance coincides with her organic approach which involves her whole body”.