Light, in its appearance, behavior, and ephemeral nature, is an important inspiration. I am interested in presence and absence, and the articulation of such through the negation and masking of matter.

(Laura Sallade)

Massey Lyuben Gallery is proud to present Deep to Deep, a solo exhibition of new sculptural paintings by Laura Sallade. In Sallade’s most recent series, the artist explores the importance and presence of light. The body of work ranges in size from small, delicate glass fragments to a 10’ long panel.

Sallade’s paintings are sublime yet technical. Through the use of heat and controlled chemical reactions, the artist manipulates liquid silver nitrate, watercolor, and layers of mylar on glass. Sallade’s brushstrokes are intentional and lively. These marks are layered over pools of poured silver nitrate and scribbles of graphite. Several of the paintings, including Tumult I-XII and Learning to Listen: I-V, are multi-paneled. Individually, each glass section contains a microcosm of controlled chaos. When grouped, they create one cohesive composition; a harmonious experience greater than the sum of its parts.

The artist considers her sculptural paintings as utilitarian objects that create opportunity for contemplation. As such, the works evoke a range of emotion from jovial to somber, light-hearted to meditative. The watercolor and flashes of mirrored silver are gentle, almost ethereal, and invite reflection. Small slivers and large organic forms of exposed silver allow the viewer to catch glimpses of themselves as they move through the gallery. Their passings create flickers of light.

Laura Sallade is an artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After completing her Certificate in Sculpture from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Philadelphia, PA and at the Massey Lyuben Gallery in New York. Along with these exhibitions, the artist has completed commissions for the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island FL, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia PA, Anthropologie Clothing Stores in both Pennsylvania and New York, and for the Dualtone Music Group in Nashville, TN. Her work is held in numerous private collections.