The exhibition Mudras at Lisa Kandlhofer gallery, is a selection of works over a fourteen year period. The exhibition includes drawings, a cinematic work, a moving sculpture, text collages, a sound installation (that plays with structure of an audio book) as well as sculptures made from various materials. The formal language of the sculptures range from strict and architectural to playful and figurative.

The term “Mudra" derives from Sanskrit and means “seal”, in a literal translation, Mud: joy and ra: the thing that exists.The term Mudras has its origins in India, but the hand signal, as a gesture connected with a specific content, is a cultural code that can be found in a variety of cultures.

A selection of works from a period of 14 years is on show. This includes drawings, a film, a moving sculpture, text collages, an audiobook (created in collaboration with the actor Stefano Bernardin) as well as sculptures made from a variety of materials, and their formal language ranges from strictly architectonic to playful and figurative.