Honos Art presents a group exhibition of six international artists, masters of the co-called figurative painting. Sobre la Realidad (“Around Reality”) is the title of this exhibition, which focuses not so much on reality, but on the meaning and scope of the word “around”: what is real, what is figurative? Is Pollock more abstract than El Greco? Is De Chirico more metaphysical than Della Francesca? Are Bacon’s backgrounds more vague than Velázquez’s ones?

With this art selection, Honos Art intends to rebut the idea that figurative art only uses a single communication language. There are multiple forms and methods, probably as many as the figurative artists’ perceptions. The figurative universe is a complex one, just like the abstract universe. Each artist taking part in the group exhibition Desde la Realidad (“From Reality”) shows their own technique or intuitive interpretation. They all gravitate around the figurative art and the concept of reality with their own interpretation of art, their own subjectivity: Miriam Pace with her concepts of macrocosm and microcosm, Evita Andújar and her fluidity and speed, Cristina Troufa between saying and implying, Andrea Ciresola and the poetry in everyday’s life, Sergio Fiorentino and his imbalmed concept of beauty and Luis Serrano who combines shape and seduction.

The figurative artist is no less conceptual than an abstract or informal one. When an object is extrapolated from its concrete appearance, this is already an act of abstraction. When the figurative artists draw and paint the reality, they are basically translating, not reproducing it. It is an intellectual interpretation which transcends the world around.