A Citizen of interstellar spaaaaaaace with sculptural ambitions and metallic structures, Patrick Marchal plays with colour and iconic symbols. What matters “is the message that is conveyed”.

A silversmith-visual artist, creator of Unidentified Prestigious Objects with evocative names, he explodes classical conventions of jewellery, imposing himself through a critical approach and scathing humour. No one is bound by the impossible, so therefore everything is permitted.

Marked by a visual culture, his work expresses a reality that is taken to the extreme and revealed in objects of finery. The metal or steel become bombs, cartridges…and adornments!

Between here and on high? This is a game of assembling contemporary materials and emblematic images to produce brilliant creations. Patrick Marchal offers us highly coloured pieces, hallmarked by excellence. His work is refined and complex, in which we slowly see the intention overtaking the aestheticised practice.

With Do You See the King? the CID is presenting the artist’s largest solo exhibition and at the same time challenging the emotional, social and cultural significance of jewellery.