The Tretyakov Gallery presents a project dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the museum’s transfer to the city.

On September 27, 1892, Moscow merchant and art patron Pavel Tretyakov donated his art collection, together with the building where it was displayed, to the city of Moscow. Thus, Moscow acquired a gallery open to the general public, which became one of the world’s leading museums of national art.

Over three decades of a targeted collecting endeavor had preceded the gallery’s transfer to the city. Each picture in the collection of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov has its own story and its own history.

The project dedicated to the anniversary consists of three parts. In the permanent display, 16 landmark paintings have received extended legends from which museum patrons can learn about the history of creation, provenance and exhibition of those tableaus. The same information is also available from the izi.Travel app and can be accessed via mobile devices using relevant designations in the display. A detailed timeline of the gallery’s transfer to the city can be seen on a website that was specifically set up on the occasion of the anniversary.