This exhibition specifically designed for the 60th anniversary of the Atomium launches the visitor into the magical world of René Magritte and the surrealism. Two Belgian icons meet!

First, visitors will literally enter in the Surrealist universe of René Magritte. Some works will be presented in 3D in actual size, as elements forming part of the exhibition scenography, and visitors will walk through the set like characters in a play, soaking up the atmosphere.

This will bring them face to face with the key elements in Magritte’s paintings: they will be able to linger awhile among the clouds, the famous birds will be suspended above their heads, and they will have green apples to use as seats. The visitor discovers the secret messages hidden in his paintings, explores the extraordinary and captivating settings depicted in his masterpieces. Music to suit the setting and theatrical lighting will provide the finishing touches to the overall ambience.

Secondly, the exhibition will feature memorable quotes by Magritte – in relation to his art and to Surrealism – as well as screenings of a range of his paintings, illustrating other elements of his artistic realm. The exhibition acquaints visitors with the world of René Magritte and, in this way, introduces them to Surrealism.

Though this twofold approach, an all-sensory experience and a more intellectual one, these artistic works of genius become accessible to anyone.