Louis K. Meisel Gallery is pleased to announce "Pavement to Pavement", a group exhibition of Photorealist cityscapes. Long a favorite subject matter for painters, urban landscapes can vary greatly depending upon the subject’s geographical location, the lighting featured in a work, and how much movement is depicted. Pavement to Pavement focuses on the small detail of asphalt to build a connection across a set of seemingly disparate paintings.

Featuring paintings by David Parrish, Bertrand Meniel and Tom Blackwell, Pavement to Pavement presents cityscapes from Detroit to New York City to Paris.

These paintings showcase the artists’ astute brushwork and highlight their mastery of composition. From San Francisco’s wet asphalt in Gus Heinze’s “Suspended Reflections” to the faded, sunlight sidewalks of Miami in Davis Cone’s “Cameo”, the show connects a wide and varied range of works by some of the finest artists in the genre.