David Krut Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of monotypes made over the last five years at David Krut Print Workshop in Johannesburg and Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York. Monotypes have long been used to express ideas quickly, offering a world of possibilities for contemporary artists accustomed to working across various media. Painting directly onto plexi or metal with watercolor, oil or acrylic ink, the artist's image is then transferred onto paper through a press. The print emerges from the press transformed and reversed – a mirror image of the artist’s thought process.

This exhibition features a diverse range of works by artists including: Ryan and Trevor Oakes, identical twins who worked in collaboration with Master Printer, Phil Sanders, on a series of abstract prints created with a homemade brush made of collected grasses; Trinidadian artist, Christopher Cozier, whose monotypes depict a “Silent Butler,” an inherited colonial artifact intended to sweep up crumbs from a table, and Chakaia Booker who worked with Phil Sanders over a period of three years investigating the recombination of hand-painted and printed paper through the chine-collé process. Also included are cloud studies by South African artist Robyn Penn made with Master Printer, Jillian Ross, Kate McCrickard’s oil monotypes which depict eerie domestic scenes of children eating and watching television, Friedrich Danielis’ lyrical watercolor monotypes, and Joseph Hart’s works which explore museum classification and display, particularly inspired by the artist’s visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.