Informed by the Bauhaus and philosophically aligned with the German postwar avant-garde Zero Group, Josepha Gasch-Muche is an artist whose work embraces dichotomies: light is reflection, soft is hard, and immaterial is material. Irresistibly attractive yet undeniably threatening, her sculptures of shattered liquid crystal display glass transform what might have become a protective screen for a digital device into fractured razor-sharp elements of dizzyingly complex works.

Regina Schulz, Director of Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Germany refers to Gasch-Muche’s work as ‘luminous phenomena made of glass, that unite the physical and immaterial realms.’ Thomas Phifer, architect of the new wing of the Corning Museum of Glass wrote: ‘Josepha, your work is an inspiration to me…it simply embodies light.’

An international prize winning artist, Josepha Gasch-Muche’s work is owned by museums in Europe, Asia and the United States, including the Toledo Museum of Art, The Chrysler Museum of Art, The Corning Museum of Glass, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg and the Shanghai Museum of Glass.