On January 16th, 2018 ABXY introduced artist Melvi (Grave) Guzman. The show, entitled “A Grave New World,” runs through February 12th, 2018 and marks Guzman’s first solo exhibition. "A Grave New World" has been co-curated by the artist and ABXY founder, Allison Barker. Barker discovered Guzman in 2016 and has been working closely with the artist ever since.

The exhibition includes site specific installations by both Guzman and guest artist Brian Ellingson. Ellingson's work of light and sound is entitled, "Fantasy Island." Opening night, live music was provided by the Onyx Collective. Event photographers included Erik Bardin, Marco Matute & Jean Andre Antoine. That evening the artist also revealed his much anticipated photo book: “Grave Night,” a limited edition of which are available for purchase. He will be hosting a book signing at the gallery Saturday, February 3rd, from 4PM-7PM.

Grave Guzman (b. 1989) is a Harlem based artist working in photography, video, collage, and mixed-media. While Guzman pursues a range of distinct technical practices, his artwork consistently explores the oscillating relationship between city and self, environment and identity. Whether he’s sneakily snapping a photograph or carefully assembling found materials into a sprawling tapestry, the artist creates abstract portraits and landscapes, which convey the experience of city life today. To experience his work is to feel the familiar jolt of the subway heaving to a start and the landscape beginning to rush by, quickly blurring through dirty windows as the train picks up speed. His photos, videos, collages, and mixed media works are reflections not just of urban spaces, but our experience of those spaces, distilled by the passing of time.