"For each Connected Portrait I create drawings or sculptures based on objects and images that I collect from patrons and friends. A broken tea cup, old jewelry, magazine clippings, scraps of fabrics, pills, sentimental items that you have no idea what to do with, or a toothbrush are transformed into portraits of those items. Though the items chosen by the subject may not include a literal representation of them they still reflect who they are. The result is a portrait of the person based on their choices.

The portraits are offered in the style of my small sculptures and drawings. My artwork has been described as a combination of psychedelic collage, miniature quilts, 19th century illustration and Americana. It is reminiscent of childhood; innocent, deep and reflective at the same time.

In the spirit of connecting I am donating 10% of the money collected from each piece to Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change relief charities. I feel the connection between these two catastrophes is not being clearly drawn in the news media. Our connection to one another and the planet has been confirmed throughout history, through science, different religions and different approaches. It is clearly a fact for which we need constant reminders.

Connected Portrait Project will culminate in a show of the portraits at Heskin Contemporary in Manhattan in 2013." - Julie Peppito