Spoke Art is pleased to present FLASH, a group exhibition featuring over 30 tattoo artists from around the world bringing their own unique style to the ubiquitous tattoo flash sheet. Building on the rich visual history of tattooing, Flash brings the contemporary parlor into the gallery.

Working in a wide variety of styles, each work has been created by an actively tattooing artist. Freed from the bounds of the increasing demand for custom and client-driven work, each flash sheet represents the artists’ personal art practice.

As the tattoo community and perceptions of the art form shift with changing tools, revival of traditional methods and styles, and increased visibility, flash and tattooing’s role in contemporary art has also evolved. Bridging between the tattoo shop and the gallery, Flash gives tattoo collectors and the unadorned a new context to appreciate the work of the contemporary tattoo artist.

Please join us for Flash, opening Saturday, February 3rd, with an opening night reception from 6pm - 9pm. Mike Davis and Jeery of Everlasting Tattoo, San Francisco will be doing specially priced flash tattoos in the gallery opening day from 2 to 7pm.

Participating artists include: Albie, Jeremy Ross Armstrong, Holi Barahati, Charline Bataille, Louis Bicycle, Stephanie Brown, Joseph Cassina, Jess Chen, Nomi Chi, Tati Compton, Arielle Coupe, Mike Davis, Henry Hablak, Rachel Hauer, Sera Helen, Jeery Ilkenhon, Ross K Jones, Caleb Kilby, Jess Koala, Rex LC, Matt Leibowitz, Henry Lewis, Noel’le Longhaul, MAB, Andrew Mann, Talia Migliaccio, Curt Montgomery, Lauren Napalitano, Niña Piña, Duke Riley, rat666tatt, Sad Amish Tattooer, Suzani, Meg Tuey, Amanda Wachob, Jan Willem, Winston the Whale, Laura Yahna, Jessica Zed.