This time, Snow Contemporary presents Amemiya Yosuke's solo exhibition"Ring Me Twice" from 7.Feb.2018. Yosuke Amemiya is an artist prompts to reconsider borders of the various matters with many kinds of methods like sculptures, video installation, performances and so on. This exhibition, for the first time in this decade since 2008 in Japan, consists of three works “Sculpture of Apple”, “The work of paper featuring time” and “Charcoal drawing”. Amamiya has kept creating these series from his early career.

“Sometime, my works can be more real than real apples. Because real apples are more often shoddy than my works are. Since most people usually see apples with ignoring but meanings, when they go through “real” experiences at my exhibition, then after that, find apples sold at the supermarket for the second time, they get chance to revive the first contemplation. My works of apple focuses on the experience in which the doubt thrown on a reality of the world changes the appearance of the world itself like domino effect.

I don’t prefer the way needs answers rather than questions, just like using works to ask for kinds of ,sometimes political, action. Then I always trying to arrange the situation in which I can treat the least toxic theme and let guests take back lightest bombs without noticing. ” We also anticipates how Amemiya land seeds of works softly on our daily lives. Please come and see our exhibition to enjoy Amemiya’s thoughts and practices.