Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce our upcoming exhibition TYPE, a collection of rare and sought-after artworks from some of the most exciting British artists in the contemporary art world: Harland Miller, David Shrigley, The Connor Brothers and Banksy.

TYPE will display a rich collection of exclusive and never before seen original paintings, drawings and limited editions by four groundbreaking artists celebrated for their aesthetic, painterly pictures overlaid with witty text and deadpan delivery.

Text and art have been linked for decades, and today’s contemporary art world is more dominated by text and narrative than ever. Auctions houses, galleries and dealers are crossing the globe to add these works to their collections, and there are four artists who are influencing this current trend: Harland Miller, David Shrigley, The Connor Brothers and Banksy. What do they all have in common aside from text? British humour. Wit is one of the great traditions of British culture and these artists make no exception. TYPE portrays the incredibly persuasive power of language and British humour in the current art world. Miller, Shrigley, The Connor Brothers and Banksy are prime examples of how artists are using text and black humour to make a statement. These artists cleverly employ sarcasm to portray the absurdity of everyday life. By using text combined with image, they are able to communicate with their audience in ways that are both immediate and subtle, and as a nation who isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves, we are lapping it up.

Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers speaks to Hang-Up, “Anyone claiming to be a genius certainly isn’t, and any country bestowing on itself the accolade of greatest nation on earth clearly has some narcissistic tendencies. Thankfully in the UK (these days) we are aware of our own mediocrity. The British are known for their dark self-deprecating humour and this reflects the art we make. It is also a useful distraction from our inability to draw well.”

In this increasingly insane world we're looking for comedy wherever we can find it. TYPE highlights the fact that humour, when used correctly, allows artists to not only make us laugh, but shift our perspective on the world. After all, it is said that laughter decreases stress hormones and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Who doesn’t want that in their private collection?