Mystical Forces reveals the forces at play between thought and action. When is tension released, a secret confessed, a desire fulfilled? Six artists delve into the space between hesitation and effect, sharing their vision of the mystical forces that compel us to motion.

Neo-Cubist painter, Alain Beraud, is greatly influenced by the foremost artistic movement of the 20th century. “Cubism marked the history of contemporary painting and yet has not found many successors. I wish to bring this intellectual dimension to Neo-Cubism.” Bronze sculptor, SHRAY, is one of the foremost American sculptors working in the subtractionist method, where material is purposefully removed from a block of clay instead of adding material to it. Barbara Rachko has sought new techniques in painting with the use of pastels and sandpaper, bringing an utterly original perspective to contemporary painting.

MM Ciciovan’s abstract work has earned her a place as one of Canada’s leading figures in abstract art. She debuts her newest series, the White Series, at Salomon Arts. Lynn And Christopher Charveriat, a husband-and-wife creative duo, live in Sag Harbor, and each are artists in their own right. Christopher injects a wry humor into his pieces, immediately drawing to mind an amalgam of Warhol and Magritte and turning Warhol’s idea of symbol and simulation on its head. Lynn’s vision is in the strength of how minimalism contains multitudes. Her paintings have been inspired by emotions, reflections, materialism, and natural landscapes. Each artist forges new ground in the realm of Mystical Forces.