Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to announce Harvey Dinnerstein’s New York. Comprised of paintings and drawings from the 1980s through the present day, the exhibition will focus on the work of American Realist painter Harvey Dinnerstein and the subject matter that has defined his career and garnered him critical acclaim and national recognition.

Since his childhood, when he first put pencil to paper, Brooklyn-born Harvey Dinnerstein has focused on capturing the world around him—his world—his landscape: New York City. While Dinnerstein’s formal art training began in the studio of Moses Soyer, and continued at the High School of Music and Art, the Art Students League, and the Tyler School of Art, his informal and perhaps more lasting training occurred riding the subway from Brownsville to Manhattan. The artist recalls how “the subway enabled me to travel from a provincial neighborhood in Brooklyn to art classes across the river on the island of Manhattan. I studied anatomy, drawing, painting in art school, but I also learned a great deal observing and sketching in the subway. The immediacy of a direct response to the human subject on a moving train forces one to develop powers of perception and memory. The subway also revealed a view of the great diversity of life in the city that shaped my artistic vision over the years.”

While Dinnerstein’s work derives both stylistically and technically from a long history of realist painting in the United States and Europe, he has brought the traditions into the twenty-first century. His thirsty eyes respond to contemporary life, passages of time, and most importantly, our human connection.