Hans & Fritz Contemporary is pleased to present Plastic Surgery Disasters by artist Nayra Martín Reyes. She provides a vivid, satirical exploration of human appearance, simultaneously self-effacing and knowingly morbid.

Disregarding protocol, the artist hacksaws and knifes her way through any sinew of pretence, revealing disturbing truths regarding the nature of vanity and its ever increasing importance in the 21st Century society.

This exploration reveals the artist’s innate disdain for the exploitation of the physical aesthetic, yet keenly aware, and somewhat awed by, its visceral allure. Acknowledging her own inner struggle with the lure of likes, in Pig Surgeries, Nayra welcomes volunteers to join her in performing their own surgery, creating a macabre physical manifestation through the medium of stuffed toys and various rusty cutting tools.

A performance, Unstable: The Roots of Vanity will accompany the project and presents a dystopian and unsettling view of the realm of aesthetic surgery. Is this the artist as a pig or a pig as the artist? The relationship is too close to call, and discomforting to witness. But it’s the truth, distilled as the artist sees it, and is the second in a series of Unstable performances; the first of which was held at the Instituto Cervantes Brussels in November 2017.