This time, the gallery will mix in its exhibiting space, a selection of pieces that gather very different ways to approach the creative process, with an infinite variety of techniques, materials, and formats.

Artists from different generations and origins that show us some of their latest works. A talent explosion that expects to make a visual summary of the artistic line of the gallery and that undoubtedly shows the quality and artistic professionality of the represented artist.

Works by the artists: Jacinto Moros (Spain, 1959), Mario Dilitz (Austria, 1973), Miquel Aparici (Spain, 1963), Alfredo Chamal (Mexico, 1993), Malgosia Jankowska (Poland, 1978), Max Gärtner (Germany, 1982), Pol Viladoms (Spain, 1981), Patrik Grijalvo (Spain, 1984), Johan Barrios (Colombia, 1983), Alejandra Atarés (Spain, 1987), Dirk Salz (Germany, 1962), Gustavo Diaz Sosa (Cuba, 1983), Rubén Torras (Spain, 1978), Salustiano (Spain, 1965).