"Ataraxia" is the absence of embarrassment. A state of serenity and tranquility. An order of equilibrium without disturbance in correspondence with reason, feelings and soul.

In a society like ours, we are exposed to an infinity of external and internal conditions that undermine any hint of moderation and harmony. The fragile and ephemeral of existence, the fears and threats, the loss of values. Our selfishness. The cravings for power, wealth and superficiality. The lies of politics and the desire for social positioning. Our immense stupidity. They irrevocably separate us from the control of our passions and desires, make us weak and unable to be happy.

For the Epicureans, desires are divided between natural and unnatural, that is, our survival pondering what makes us human, against the vain desires that produce problems to the soul. The Stoics tell us that the way to reach Ataraxia is to achieve freedom and tranquility by being away to material comforts, external fortune, dedicating ourselves to a life guided by the principles of reason and virtue. They maintained the belief that the first substance is found in fire and in the veneration of logos; that they identified with the energy, law, reason and providence found in nature.

The crossed Ataraxia wants to be a representation of our current becoming in the world and, an absolute feeling of impotence before our own acts.