Wuales discovered his love for photography when he was only six years old. After his beginnings as an autodidact and taking a detour to sports photography, he became a collaborator of renowned photographers. Along with perfecting his technical skills, the desire to walk new paths of photography was rising. He decided to withdraw from commercial photography and reportage to fully concentrate on the artistic implementation of his visual ideas and inspirations. Never losing his goal to create a perfect composition of geometry, form and tonality.

His series #Nude Silhouettes is an artistic approach of presenting the female nude in an utterly new way. Yet Wuales holds on to his creative principles of elegance, respect and aesthetics. The fascination by the new and his sophisticated technique allows him to transform the pictures into ever new formats. Wuales takes the viewer into a mystery and tempts to take a journey into new and astonishing combinations.

In summer 2017 #NudeSilhouettes led to his breakthrough at Leica International Salzburg. From November 15th, 2017 his #NudeSilhouettes will be exhibited for the first time in Germany at Circle Culture Hamburg.

Wuales was born 1981 in Zürich. His youth was dominated by sports and photography, before he professionally turned to fashion and commercial photography. Among his clients were Vogue, Ikea, GfK, Lindt and Sprüngli. Assignments for reports took him to Peru, for Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, for the Red Cross to the Philippines and for the Asian Development Bank to Indonesia. In addition Wuales gained experience as collaborator of masters. Since 2015 he has been solely dedicated to his artistic work.

Shot with his favorited Leica, #Wuales Release 001 #WhiteTurf, became a snapshot memorial for the traditional horse race of St. Moritz.#Wuales Release 002 #NudeSilhouettes offers a new view on the female nude.

Wuales lives and works in Zürich, Berlin und Hamburg.